BOB x Alaska


Two of RuPaul's Drag Race most beloved Queens have joined forces to hit you with

Yet Another Dig.


The epic new single from Bob The Drag Queen and Alaska Thunderfuck 5000  {co-written by Sky Montique} is so full of gag-worthy RPDR references it will have fans of the show holding on to their edges for dear life!


Scroll down to watch what happens when fierce queens unite to bury the competition.

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BOB x Alaska


In line with the tongue-in-cheek spirit of RPDR,

Yet Another Dig features Bob and Alaska delivering line after line of savage digs at haters over an equally fierce beat produced by KOIL and Vito Fun


As if that wasn’t enough, their verses are interspersed by a feisty chorus sung by 

Sky Montique and lip- synched by Drag Race 

alumni Jiggly Caliente.

Watch the sickening video, then

Download the track on iTunes HERE  



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