Rebecca Perl


Los Angeles based artist Rebecca Perl has teamed up with TepNo and KOIL on her brand new single Keepin’ it Cool.


The song {co-written by Sky Montique} is simultaneously chill and upbeat, striking the perfect balance of danceability and depth.

Rebecca Perl’s vocals are laid back, playful and sensual, all of which adds an air of mystery to a project that is lyrically laid bare.

Scroll down for a taste of cool and download the track on iTunes HERE

Rebecca Perl


Underneath the song’s cool exterior lies a vulnerable core. Rebecca explains: 

"The song touches on the early stages of any blossoming relationship, where each person tries to figure out what cards to show off the bat. It’s about the early push and pull we all know. We never wanna show too much, too early!" 


The alluring vibe of Keepin' it Cool shows us just enough to leave us wanting more...


Check out the quirky video and download the track on iTunes HERE



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