Natalia Kills


Since its first release, Problem has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon featuring in countless movies, tv shows & adverts plus a Gold certification, AMA Win and Grammy Nomination as part of the soundtrack for the #1 box office smash Pitch Perfect 2.

The original song, produced by Jeff Bhasker {co-written by Sky Montique} was first released by Natalia Kills as part of her iconic album Trouble - launching the song as a go-to for brands who need a kick-ass composition. 

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Natalia Kills


The list of major brands that have synched Problem includes MTV, VH1, HBO, ABC, BTSport, BBC, CBBC, Disney, Adidas, Netflix, ShoeDazzle,Playstation, David LaChapelle, 

Bad Girls Club, FOX Sports and Love Island to name a few.


Problem has also featured in several major motion pictures including the #1 highest grossing musical comedy of all time: Pitch Perfect 2 Plus, We’re The Millers  and 3 Days To Kill starring Kevin Costner. 

Watch Problem in action on the silver screen and check out the original video by Natalia Kills to see where it all began.

Problem is available on iTunes HERE



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