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“Our life and each of us is a puzzle.

We are constantly striving to learn how to put it all together" 

Polish pop sensation Honorata (Honey) Skarbek speaks about her third album Puzzle, with a wisdom far beyond her years.


The incredible album features the track Ty I Ja a heartfelt pop smash {co-written by Sky Montique}


Scroll down to hear the track, watch the album trailer, and download the album on iTunes HERE



Since winning VIVA Comet Awards: ‘debut of the year’ Honey Skarbek has meticulously collected the pieces of her Puzzle and composed the albums “Honey” and "Million" marking her second Gold Record status in Poland. 


Now with the release of her triumphant third album Puzzle, Honorata has firmly secured her place on the musical map and left pop fans eagerly awaiting her next piece.

Watch the trailer to the amazing album here, featuring the heartfelt hit Ty I Ja (You and Me) {co-written by Sky Montique}

Stream and download the track on iTunes HERE

Honey Skarbek
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