Soulful songstress Wølffe is back with another dark pop smash...

Her mesmerising single Trouble Ahead

{co-written by Sky Montique} premiered on Clash Music and features on the highly anticipated KILLING MOON compilation album "New Moons: Volume V" where Wølffe's heartfelt soulful vocals sit perfectly over Draper's brooding electronic backdrop.

Watch Wølffe perform Trouble Ahead Live below and download the song on Spotify and iTunes now!



"My head is underwater. My hands are 

oh so numb. Like a lamb unto the slaughter.

Your fingers on the gun."


The words echo with a resonance that offers a window into the heart of dark pop vixen Wølffe.

Her sultry voice sets the scene for a poignant   and powerful performance of Trouble Ahead,

{co-written by Sky Montique} that will leave you haunted but hopeful…


There may be trouble ahead, but with music this good we can still dance while the ship goes down.


Check out Wølffe’s captivating performance and download the song on iTunes HERE



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